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Our Story

About us

Founded in 2003, i2a has grown and adapted within an increasingly complex and volatile market environment, consistently delivering value to our clients by focusing on ‘Good Business’.

At i2a Good Business means working closely with our clients on cross-functional projects for major transformation initiatives, mergers and acquisitions.

When we partner with our clients, we ensure we can deliver success in our work together by following our three core beliefs:

Our core values


We embed integrity into all our projects - promoting compliance and strong ethical standards when we work with clients. We translate rules and standards for the industry into actions and behaviour that integrate into the DNA of your organisation to create sustainable and long-lasting change.


We believe in working efficiently to create change and promote positive outcomes for clients quickly. We deliver innovative solutions, identify waste and help to implement process improvement to keep your operations agile.


We want to create change that lasts. To do this we believe in adapting to the constant changes that businesses will inevitably face. We adopt the best off-the-shelf practices but then work to adapt and apply them in a way that’s pragmatic, flexible and tailored to the needs of your business.

What makes i2a successful?

i2a was founded in 2003 by a group of like-minded consultants who gained their experience from the big 5 consulting firms. Passionate about delivering business-driven, outcome-focused change, we set about creating a firm that has since built a reputation for integrity, quality and passion in everything we do. Over the years we have built deep trusted relationships with our clients, allowing us to support projects ranging in size from a few people to global transformation initiatives with an openness and ease of manner that the contractually-bound large consulting companies cannot.

In delivering, we do not tie ourselves to a particular methodology but instead take a pragmatic and flexible approach that uses the best methods currently available, tailoring them to nurture the critical elements that will make your project a success.

In 2010 we coined the tag line ‘Good Business’, after reflecting on what makes a business and its projects successful; a Good Business is one that is focused creating the right changes, that believes and trusts in the ability of its people, and can provide a strong collaborative environment for them, helping them grow and, as a result, grow their business as a whole. This remains as true in today’s environment as it was when we founded i2a, with consumers placing ever more emphasis on the inherent ‘goodness’ and ethos of the companies they choose to work with.

Since our beginnings we have supported clients both large and small and helped more than a dozen organisations deliver transformation at a global scale, creating significant positive change across their operations - from numerous projects in supply chain and production to functions such as finance or sales and marketing. We have created impacts in a range of industries applying our expertise to everything from oil & gas to sports & media - our belief in adaptability has enabled us to consistently deliver long term success.

We create a deep trust in our relationships and deliver outstanding results that go beyond the expectations of the client. As a result we have a core set of long-term client partnerships that benefit both our clients and ourselves.

i2a leads the way in flexible delivery, able to support your organisation in many different ways - from short term or regular support, advice and QA to full time project mobilisation and delivery services. If you are a forward-thinking business looking for the support of a trusted consulting partner to deliver change and long-lasting positive effects on your projects, then get in touch.

Heath Teasdale, Managing Director