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At i2a Consulting we believe in ‘Good Business’

What does it mean to be a Good Business?

We believe a Good Business is one that acts with Integrity, Efficiency and Adaptability to a changing world

Through years of experience, we have partnered with our clients to deliver services that drive success across their organisations. We specialise in portfolio, programme and project management services that deliver change across all levels of the organisation; from targeting process improvements and reengineering, through ERP and CRM systems implementations and onto full blown post-merger integration, we are able to structure projects that deliver every time.
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Heath Teasdale

Managing Director, i2a
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Why choose i2a?

We offer our clients world class services in:

Portfolio, Programme & Project Management

We are experienced in leading projects of all sizes from managing targeted change in response to a specific problem to architecting a structured programme or portfolio to create multi-level transformation.

Major Transformation Initiatives

When change is needed we are skilled in recognising both the pragmatic solutions to inefficient operations, alongside the key steps to implement the transformation your organisation needs.

Project Assurance

Our team is made of tenured consultants who have worked for decades across a range of industries. We are therefore able to offer objective oversight for any projects, programmes or portfolios for assurance purposes, through a one-off targeted project quality review or through a series of quality audits covering the entire project lifecycle.

Project Mobilisation

At i2a Consulting we recognise mobilisation as a unique challenge in projects that requires explicit focus and support. Our team can ensure that your projects are destined for success from the ‘go’ with specialised services that ensure goals, scoping, planning, approach and expectations are all aligned.

Post Merger Integration

The speed of change in the business world today drives intensive acquisition and merger activity. Too often, the deal is done, but the purpose of the transaction is lost whilst integrating. We offer specialist services that can help architect an outcome that focuses on realising the promised value – be that through the acquired brands, market share, customers, people or operational assets, whilst gaining synergies from the economies of scale.
• Trust •
clients working with i2a across multiple projects

• Dedication •
projects ranging in size from a few weeks to multi-year initiatives

• Reliability •
years working on new projects with loyal partners

Industries we serve

Over many years we have served clients across several core sectors including…

Consumer Goods





Sports & Media

Functional expertise in

Supply Chain &


Sales &

Partners who trust i2a

We have worked with many leading companies and are ready to
support your business in your next journey
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