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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does i2a consulting do?
    i2a offers years of experience across a range of industries delivering portfolio, programme and project management services; assisting in major transformation initiatives, driving effective project mobilisation and assurance and providing post-merger integration services.
  • What industries does i2a specialise in?
    With our leadership gaining their reputation from work in big-5 consulting firms we can offer expertise across multiple industries and functions. Through our 18 year existence we have provided services to:
    - Consumer Goods
    - Pharmaceuticals
    - Energy
    - Chemicals
    - Retail
    - Sports & Media

    Within these industries we have functional experience in Supply Chains & Production, Finance and sales and Marketing.
  • Why should we hire a consultant to run projects instead of running them ourselves?
    All organisations need to change to stay ahead of their competition. Too few organisations today have dedicated experienced transformation teams with the bandwidth to ensure this is possible. i2a consultants provide experience and know-how to support your projects. We work collaboratively with your in-house experts to ensure the projects are appropriate and relevant, well structured and planned and well executed.
  • What makes i2a better than its competitors?
    i2a brings the knowledge, professionalism and capabilities of bigger consultancies with the deep trust and personal service only possible with small firms. With i2a you are become not just a client, but a core part of how we operate; we only take on a handful of active partnerships at any one time to ensure we can offer the best bespoke tailored services.
  • How does i2a work with clients?
    We choose to work with clients over long relationships; we are still supporting clients we worked with when we were first founded 18 years ago! By engaging personally and over long periods of time we make sure we understand your needs and that every project is delivered effectively to ensure that we have delivered the highest quality results.
  • What makes i2a qualified to handle my company’s projects, programmes and/or portfolios?
    i2a was originally founded by a group of successful big-5 consultants. We recognise from our tried and tested experiences what is needed to take a project and make it successful. Since our founding we have established relationships with global organisations who have trusted us with managing the transformation challenges they face. Our record of success is shown in the trust we share with our clients.
  • What does i2a stand for?
    i2a stands for “Idea To Action”. This represents how we believe good business happens. No flashy tricks, no unnecessary business jargon. Good Business happens when a clearly conceived idea is turned into well-structured, comprehensive and pragmatic action.
    We believe we achieve these results by following our values of integrity, efficiency and adaptability.
  • What geographical areas do you serve?
    We are based in the UK but have experience of working with global and geographically dispersed teams to deliver global change.
  • Can we have examples of previous work?
    We have delivered many different types of project over the years. Some examples include:
    - Multiple global SAP and other ERP deployments
    - Acquisition of new businesses and the subsequent definition of the business model, integration and execution
    - Multiple compliance initiatives ranging from financial assurance through to implementing regulatory change in the consumer products industry
    - Reorganisation of an IT department to service both front line and back end business needs with increased reliability